Yep, its Monday

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Yep, its Monday! Today was just a long day, it wasn’t intended to be such but that what happened. I started my day off with a adorable squishy 6 day old little man! He was seriously adorable and his new again grandma and grandpa flew all the way over here to meet him! He has the cutest little cats that love to see what he is doing and where he is at at all times. They may or may not have come and checked up on us few times while we were upstairs working. Little Aaron felt he needed to be wide awake to see what we were doing, I think he was afraid Id pull out my crown again. I’m starting to think little boys just don’t like it! Lucky him I didn’t, however I happened to have a owl hat! His nursery was so adorable, he had foxes, and owls, and a few other animals roaming around his walls, it was perfect! I completely forgot I had that hat since I do not usually use props for do as many life-style newborn sessions. Aaron let us know when he was done by giving mom and dad the best present ever, a dirty diaper! 😉

I headed back to pick my kids up from the sitter, went to lunch and then that when ‘monday’ happened. Kristi realized she had to be in 3 places at the exact same time! I know shes super mom and all but there was no way in the world she was going to be in all those places at one time! We have long lost track on who owes who babysitting services and favors! I really dont mind because shes an awesome friend and always there when I need her. Shout out to Caylen, who I think needs to come back to Okinawa because she was just as awesome!! But since all my friends have PCS’d off island I might need to make another friend or two here soon before Kristi tells me shes sick of my kids! :O  Really, though all the kids like each other and they play so well so it works out too. So at 5pm she headed north for a session and take her oldest to baseball practice while I headed south taking her daughter to cheer camp. I am no soccer mom so I showed up unprepared – no lawn chair, drinks, or ball for the other kids to play with. Oooops! I know better for Friday now!! Snuck a few pictures of my little’s while we watched Kayli “just do something, something very weird” as Zane called it.

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