Wheres my melting emoji?

Day 3 |

Today was hot, seriously that’s almost an understatement. Nobody does summers like Okinawa, the summers that require 2-3 showers a day and then you begin to wonder after the second one why you keep doing things that arent inside with an AC. Its hot. I melted. My Authentic weather app would say something so absurd and completely accurately inappropriate that I didn’t even bother looking. But, a girl has to eat and by girl, I mean me. I need to eat. Actually, I love to eat! 🙂  We went for Chinese and it didn’t disappoint either. My children might end up starving to death when we PCS off island. My boys were born here and noodles and rice is all they know, its all they request! I should start looking into a few of these places I can franchise in the states! I know for sure Arashi’s is first on that list!! Tell me what you wish was in the states, Ill add it to my list too! After lunch we headed over to the Taking Back Sunday concert, while it was a great concert, someone needs to be slapped for planning it at 4pm in the middle of June in Okinawa. Thats when we melted. The poor band flew in the night before and I am sure they had no idea what kind of sweltering heat they were in for! The still provided a fantastic concert and melted in utmost fashion!

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