Where has the time gone?

Day 63-76 |

I totally blew it this time! Not only did I go to weekly, this time I went two weeks! :O

The end of summer is getting to us all, I am counting down the days until school starts. Unfortunately I only have one guaranteed less kid come Monday.

I wont find out until Monday if the twins were accepted into sure start or not. If they don’t, I’ll cry. If they do, I’ll throw a party! Not that I don’t love my kids or being with them but the boys are almost 5 (the missed the school deadline by 10 days) and they have come down with a nasty habit of talking back and not listening and I’m over it.

I remember the end of summer and my siblings and I starting to fight more, whine more, and do anything and everything more. I think that’s where they are at. My poor girl is probably dreaming of school each day so she can have a break from her brothers.

We’ve just been hanging out, Sissy ended up having pneumonia and a double ear infection when she wasn’t feeling good two weeks ago, so shes been getting over that and I have been working on my school thesis and waiting on babies to be born! This sweet mama let me know her water finally broke this evening so keep an eye out for some fresh baby goodness soon!!

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