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Day 56-62 |

Where did the last week go? I’m over here complaining of boredom and yet there are things to do like post the daily blog! Oops. Summer semester ended last week! Hallelujah!! I will be taking a break for fall semester and returning the end of January for spring 2016. I’m honestly a little scared of all the free time I will have. All client sessions have been done and loaded, and just waiting on a couple cuties to enter the world here soon and I will be back to working! It is weird though, to wake up and have nothing due and nothing to work on. I am normally a busy person and don’t know how to function if I’m not.

First few days were spent doing nothing and whining about it. The next few days were spent with a sick kiddo. After that, we crashed Kristi’s gender revel session and her clients were super sweet and let the kids have the balloons when they were done. Kids were stoked! We didn’t let them have then until after we had our fun of course. One of my monsters, is just that, a monster; he refused to cooperate and listen and when he had his balloon threatened he decided to played nice. We thought sissy was feeling better so we went north with another friend before she PCS’s to see the tree road, it was hot and humid and sissy most definitely wasn’t feeling better, we came home and her fever returned. It was such a gorgeous day though! The water so so clear and all I wanted to do was jump in! I better start filling the calendar with things to do though since school will start for the kiddos in like 2.5 weeks!!

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