Utah Photographer, Candace Castor

Hey ya’ll!

I am your Utah Photographer, Candace Castor! Its been so quiet around here I feel like I need a reintroduction!

We were a military family and moved to Tucson October 2016 from Okinawa Japan. After 1.5 years in the hot desert I returned to Northern Utah.

This year has been such a whirlwind and I’m slowly getting caught up.

This year started off my very last semester of grad school! Wahoo! I took 3 classes instead of my normal 2.
In between single parent life and school work I learned I had a very large herniated disc requiring surgery and traveled the west coast for graduation.
I also worked, I have 10-12 sessions to blog! Ill be back dating a lot of these so be sure to check back periodically and check them out!!

Graduation was in San Francisco so we packed up and drove on over there. I visited with my brother, met his wife and my newest niece. Seen a friend I hadn’t see in roughly 5 years and took a few maternity pictures of her. She snapped some cap and gown pictures of me and the kids. My mom made my kids “My mom shoots people” T-shirt that we all thought were super fun (check out her Etsy Shop!). After graduation we headed down to the San Diego area for another visit with friends and a much needed visit to the beach. All those pictures will have their own blog posts soon!!

My diploma showed up the end of July and I cannot get over how pretty it is!!!

Back Surgery happened on August 3 and its a slow recovery process. They said the spine area takes the longest to heal because of the lack of blood flow but I’m looking forward to not being in constant pain anymore.

Pictures! Who doesnt love pictures! …to complete this post, a fun little bit of who I am, what I do, and what I love!

(p.s. dont forget to check out yesterdays post for a fall mini session giveaway!!)

Tucson Photographer Candace Castor 5 700x325(pp w480 h222) - Utah Photographer, Candace CastorTucson Photographer Candace Castor 1 700x469(pp w480 h321) - Utah Photographer, Candace Castor

Tucson Photographer Candace Castor 3 700x467(pp w480 h320) - Utah Photographer, Candace CastorTucson Photographer Candace Castor 4 700x700(pp w480 h480) - Utah Photographer, Candace Castor



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