Utah Photographer | 12 Frequently Asked Questions

Utah Photographer | 12 Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the 80 days of summer posts I promised to bring you helpful information! Here is one of those posts: Utah Photographer | 12 Frequently Asked Questions.
I have went over Emails and Facebook messages to compile this list; these questions are from you, my fantastic clients! I do reply to each of your questions individually but I also want to list them here on the blog for easy reference as well.


  1. What comes with my session fee?
    Your session fee includes my time and talent before, during, and after your session. Images and products are not included in the session fee because I do not want to decided your final products for you. I want you to choose what images you want and how you want to display them. I offer a number of different products so that you can choose exactly what you want! Some of those products include Prints – gift prints and large wall prints, Gallery and Float Wrap Canvases, Albums (the best way to display your entire session without the scrap-booking mess), and  Digital packages.
  2. What if it rains?
    Utah is a desert but, it rains! If it rains the day of your session we will reschedule to my next available date.
  3. Can I reschedule my session?
    Session can be rescheduled for weather as stated above, emergencies and illness. Please let me know ASAP if either of these come up and we can work out a better alternative date.
    Your session can be rescheduled twice before the session fee is forfeited.
  4. Do you bring any props or should I?
    I have limited props available for on-location sessions. You are more than welcome to bring anything sentimental you would like included as well. Please let me know what you have in mind and we can work something out together!
  5. We aren’t very pose savvy or a little awkward in front of the camera, can you help?
    That’s OK! I will work with all of you! I like to loosely pose you and then let you naturally adjust yourself. I personally do not care for overly posed images but sometimes that works the best with you and your family. Either way, I will help! I have pinned a lot of ideas on Pinterest so feel free to browse through them and let me know if there is something you’d like to try. I cannot guarantee it will work or be recreated exactly but we will try. I usually just go with the flow and work with what I’ve got as we go and it has not failed me once. Kids want to have fun and play and not sit or stand for too long just to pose for the sake of an image. So we play! We will have fun and I will not torture them with standing still causing them to losing interest. I don’t want anyone to be bored or stressed when the kids are just being kids. 😉
  6. What if my kids are having an off day and don’t behave well during the session?
    Everyone has those days, even I have those days so I do not expect anything less from the kiddos either. The most important thing to remember is kids are very aware of and sense their parents emotions; if you are stressed they will sense the tension too and it will show in their behavior. It is super important that you try to remain calm and relaxed during your session, not just for the kids but because we are there to have fun! Remember, you hired me for a reason and that does not only include the images you desire, but the experience too. Sometimes the kiddos just need to warm up to me and we will let them do just that. I am the oldest of four kids and have three kids myself, and have been around kids my entire life I’ve learned a trick or two to help! 😉
  7. Why are sessions only held in the late afternoon?
    My absolute favorite time to shoot is an hour or so before sunset, which is why I hold my sessions during that time. I have tried my hand at early morning sessions and mid-day sessions; neither of those suit me or my style. I am not a morning person which is partly to blame and I love sunsets which we wont get that during those times! 😉 I love the light, which is referred to the Golden Hour that is right before sunset. The sun gives off a beautiful gold hue and its so dreamy!  The main reason I choose to shoot in the late afternoon is because the sun is directional, its no longer high over head, its softer, and most importantly it does not make you squint or cause unwanted shadows on your faces.
  8. Do you offer studio sessions?
    YES!! I share a gorgeous studio space with a few other photographers located on Main Street in Sunset Utah. We can have just about any session in the studio! My favorites so far have been the Newborns and some Families!
  9. When is the best time to schedule our session?
    Generally sessions are booked 2-4 weeks in advance, sometimes I am able to accommodate last minute sessions and you are always welcome to schedule your session a few months in advance. During peak seasons such as the fall I would recommend at least 3+ weeks in advance as my schedule will fill quickly during that time.
    Maternity sessions are best done between 30-36 weeks but as long as you have a beautiful belly you can have your session at any time during your pregnancy. If you are at a high risk for preterm labor (which I was!) I would suggest scheduling your session as soon as possible to guarantee your session is done when you hit 30-34 weeks or before baby arrives.
    Birth Sessions can be booked at anytime in your pregnancy, more often after your first trimester.
  10. How long to you keep the digital files?
    Your sessions images are archived for 6 months. After the 6 month all un-ordered images are discarded and the ordered images remain in archive for an additional 6 months. I have so many digital files for clients and personal work that it is impossible for me to keep everything forever.
  11. Can I place another order later?
    YES you can! Your sessions images are archived for 6 months. After the 6 month all un-ordered images are discarded and the ordered images remain in archive for an additional 6 months. You can contact me at anytime during that time to place another order for any product that I offer! I also offer interest-free payment plans on your product purchase, contact me for details.
  12. Where to recommend I print my digital images from?
    I recommend all your printing is done through me, I know how your images should look and I only use the best professional print lab for top notch quality. However, I do offer Digital Image packages and I do provide those with a print release allowing you to print on your own for personal use for all your small gift printing needs. I cannot guarantee the color and quality you will get from the place you choose to print from, a suggestion to get similar quality to what I offer is Mpix and Unitprints. They are the closest you will get to professional quality, color, and archival material without ordering through me. I recommend them to my family as well for all small gift printing. I have not come across a similar consumer lab that offers quality Canvas, large wall prints, and albums. Those are big investments and they deserve top notch quality which is what I offer, let me help you order those!And a bonus question:
  13. When will I receive my order?
    Digital Image purchases are available for download within 24 hours. Gift prints are sent to the lab within 24 hours and arrive on island within 10-14 days. Canvas, albums, and most other products take a little more time in the lab and are received on island within 15-25 days.

Did I miss something you may have on your mind? Contact me and let me know so I can help!

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