Utah | How to prepare for your photography session

Utah | How to prepare for your photography session

So you’ve booked your session and now you’re wondering what comes next. So let’s talk about how to prepare for your photography session!!

I love talking to you about your session, what thoughts and ideas you have as well as specific questions and concerns. I want your session to be all about you and the perfect compliment to you and your family! I have a session prep guide I send out to you when I send you a reminder about your session but I know that it does not cover everything you may be wondering. If it does not, please let me know so that I can update and improve it!

As a general rule of thumb these tips will help-

  • All my sessions are done in the early to-late afternoon which usually falls right before/during/or after dinner time. I say that whole time frame because I know everyone has dinner at different times! 😛 I am a late dinner eater. I mention this because sometimes alternate plans will need to be made to have either an earlier dinner or much later dinner. As much as Id love to eat with you during your session we wouldn’t get any shooting done! By all means, if you’d like your dinner time documented during your session let me know! 😉
    • Plan meal time accordingly so nobody is hungry and unhappy.
    • Bring plenty of water – We will be playing and running!
    • Snacks!! They keep little ones busy and happy. Please just keep them mess free such has crackers, dry cereal, etc. Stay away from sticky, color changing, and melting things.
  • What to wearThe age old question! 😉
    • Please do not match! And please stay away from white. I love colors, layers, and complimenting colors!
    • I love helping you with this part as I want you to look your absolute best, send me pictures and ideas of what you have in mind!
    • Remember you dress head to toe. Don’t forget appropriate footwear and accessorize!
  • Let the kids know you’re going to have fun and take pictures too!
    • Don’t let them worry or overthink it or be afraid.
    • Please please don’t make me the bad guy, I don’t want their picture taking experience to be awful and result in punishment if they aren’t good for me.
    • I have kids!! I know how kids think and act and we are going to let them be themselves! After all, they are your kids and you know how they act and that’s what makes YOUR family portraits YOURS and unique and beautiful!!

I hope these help you on how to prepare for your photography session! A more in depth guide is emailed to you when I send you a reminder for your session! As always if there is a specific question you have let me know!!
I look forward to helping you prepare for your unique and one of kind photo session!!

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