Utah Family Photographer – Desert

Utah Family Photographer – Desert

If there is one thing we know for sure, Utah has an unlimited supply of desert. You either love it or you hate, or your like me and tolerate it for various reasons. I do LOVE it for its colors, light, and simplicity. I hate it because it houses snakes. I’m not about snakes. Nope.
The desert is serene, calming, and inviting and nothing short of magical and absolutely the best choice for this gorgeous’s family session.

The Boss

You know who is the boss during family sessions? Toddlers. Toddlers run the whole show!
We immediately began shooting since toddlers can also be unpredictable. Imagine my surprise when I seen just how fun this guy was while still showing me who was in charge.
We had so much fun, laughing, playing, and I, swooning over his curls and long eye lashes. Why do all the boys get the long eye lashes?
We were having so much fun the sun was setting and the session was over before we knew it.

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