To all my Current, Past, and Future Clients: Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart

I’m going to go ahead and preface this post with the warning that its going to be sappy. Tears may fall. But it is amazing. 

I opened my photography business officially August 2012. I have created gorgeous photos, fun memories while shooting hundreds of sessions in the last 7 years. 
I have worked with over 280 clients; some are repeats while most are not. 

280+ people found me and chose me to work with them.
I cannot thank any of them enough for the opportunity to do so. 

You may not think I will remember a single face out of 280 people, and I will tell you that you are wrong. 

I remember every single one of my clients, I may have a hard time with names because thats a struggle on a daily basis but I will never forget a face. 

I was there for so many small moments as well as so many BIG moments. 
I watched the tinest of my clients take their first breath.
I have watched some take their first steps.
Taste their very first cake as well as sand. 😉
I watched couples say ‘I do’.
I watched blended families love each other seamlessly and effortlessly.
I have watched suprise proposals.
I have watched suprise pregnancy annoucements.
I have watched a Marine be saluted for the last time and transition into civilian life. 

I have worked with those who update their portraits every year. 
I have worked with those who update their portraits every few years.
I have worked with those who have never had their portaits taken.

I have had the pleasure of capturing the stunning beaches and the beautiful culture of Okinawa Japan.
I learned to appreciate the vast desert and various shades of brown dirt in Southern Arizona.
I have expereinced Utah in a whole new way through my camera lens. 
My camera has accompanied me everywhere I go, its traveled locally and internationally and might benefit from its own passport at this point. 😉

Out of all the places I have gone, things I have seen, and clients I have worked with there is hands down ONE family that has left an impact on me words cannot describe. My experience with them was beautiful, fun, life changing, and so emotional. 

Please meet Pat, Elizabeth, Jessica, and Cody. 

This was their first ever family photo session. 
I met these four December 2017 half way up Mount Lemmon in Tucson Arizona. 
Every single one of us were nervous. We had questions. We had certain expecations. We also had no idea what to expect. 

I like to go into sessions with ideas and confidence but I also love figuring it out as I go. Their session was definietly one where I figured it out as I went. Normally I am quiet and reserved and I keep my thoughts to myself. However, these four were instantaneously comfortable to be around. If something looked weird I didnt quietly readjust, I verbally said it looked silly and talked them through changes. They made everything so easy. And SO MUCH FUN!

I also think or converse in song lyrics. 
If someone says “STOP” I’ll either sing “Hammer time” or “In the name of love”. It is every bit as hilarious as you can imagine. 
As one of them said “stop”, and I proceeded to sing “Hammer Time” out loud much to my surprise; Pat laughed and joined in. 
What was almost the most mortifying thing I have ever done during a session turned out to be the funnest and best moments I have ever had during a session. 

In fact their entire session was full of so many laughs, so many emotions, silent tears, and an over flowing heart of love and gratitude. 

I left their session with the most emotionally fullfilling experience I have ever had. Like I’ve already mentioned there aren’t any words that can accurately and completely describe what their session did for me. 

I have never been so grateful for what my job has allowed me to do for others until I met these four. I have replayed their entire session, all of our converstations, and laugh out loud each time I need a pick me up. It has now been 2 years since I met them and I will still think of them when I need a smile and a reminder on why I do what I do and what I can learn and gain from each and every client that chooses me to capture the most loved people in their life. 

July 10, 2018 I woke up to the most devistating message from Elizabeth. Pat fell ill and was unable to recover and had passed a week prior. 
My heart broke. It did not break in two, it shattered into millions of pieces. My heart broke for Elizabeth. For Jessica. For Cody. And for everyone else that had the joy of knowing Pat throughout his entire life. He made a significant impact on me and I spent only 1.5 hours with him.

“We are heartbroken and devastated. I can’t believe he is gone and my heart hurts wanting him back. The photo shoot we did with you was something we had never done with the 4 of us and it has turned into the most beautiful gift we have been given by you. You said we touched your life but you touched ours as well.” Elizabeth wrote. 

If I never take another photo for another family again. I will always know what I have done for this one family has over overflowed my cup 10x over. 

This is why I love what I do. This is why I have a camera as an extra appendage. This is why I am extremely passionate about what I do and what I provide for my clients. 

You are not getting another mom with a camera. You are getting an artist, an extremely emotional person that thrives on capturing your connections, and your love, while turning those into memories that will be cherished for your whole life and then some. 

So thank you, thank you to every one of my clients; current, past, and future. Thank you for inviting me into your life if even for an hour, to do what I love to do and provide you with the most priceless experience you can ever have. 

So, yes, I remember each client that chooses me. Every single one of you leave an impact on my life and I will always be forever grateful for that.




  1. Oh my , I am sobbing.  I will never be able to find the words to express what a huge gift this shoot was to our family.  One of Pats gifts to us was his sense of humor.  He laughed at everything which I sometimes found annoying but learned to enjoy as the years went by. Our kids all have his sense of humor and when we are all together I get to watch him come alive through their laughter.  Every picture you took Candace shows the twinkle in his eyes and that is what has sustained me since losing my beloved soul mate. 
    He truly lives on with us through these photos.  When he was in his last three days and in ICU  we had a sweet nurse who stayed with us through all her shifts. I had taken one of our group shots to hang in the hospital so he would be alive to all who cared for him.  Rachel, our nurse, looked at the photo and said, “hmm, he looks familiar”.  She went home that night and came back the next day to tell us that Pat had been her instructor. It was then that I became convinced that this photo shoot was not just any gift, it was a gift from God for  our family and for you Candace. It was a beautiful gift that has lived on and given us the strength to go on without him. 
    He had been a professor and taught Psychology for over 40 years.  Most of his students loved him and he enjoyed them to the end.  The fact that one of his beloved students cared for him and us in his final days did not go unnoticed.  It was another gift from God and it all happened from your beautiful gift to our family.  Candace you will be in our hearts forever. We will never forget you and that fun day we spent together.  Thank you so much for your kind and loving words. I never truly understood why our family had such an impact on you and now I do.  
    Our family has never been the “perfect cookie cutter family”. And we didn’t want a photo shoot that made us look perfect if that makes sense. We’ve had tremendous loss along with many life challenges but it was our love  and Pats humor that helped us not only survive but thrive. We are now in our second holiday season without him but we still feel his love with us. The true gift that day Candace was that you really “Got Us”, you captured us so beautifully and let us be ourselves.  This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. 
    All my love and gratitude, Elizabeth

    1. I might need to reconsider my blog topics! I knew I’d cry, but these are some ugly tears happening tonight. I do not even think I fully understand how much you all have impacted me but it was profound for sure. Cookie-cutter families are kinda boring, and I know they rarely exist anyway. It is always my goal to ‘get’ every family I meet. Because each one of you are very special and deserves to be captured uniquely. You four were no different. It was not hard to capture Pat’s smile or humor, you made it really easy for me. I loved every minute of it. <3

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