The Sellers Family Session in Ogden Utah

I love ALL my clients! But I LOVE LOVE, my clients when they are family.

Family is very important to me and I LOVE sharing my talent with my family and providing them with the best memories.

My cousin lives in North Carolina and I had lived in Japan and then Tucson so we didn’t see each other for almost a decade! A freaking decade dude!
I had twins she never met and she had a daughter and husband I never met.

Having lived across the world and a state away for so many years was hard.
Having family strung across the US is hard as well.
I grew up with ALL my family (besides an uncle and some cousins) all live RIGHT HERE. We saw them ALL the time. Every holiday. We talked all the time. I knew my great-grandma and my great-great-grandma! We like being close.

As I said, family is very important to me. So the distance was a constant struggle.

So when your cousin calls you up and tells you she’s coming to visit and NEEDS photos of everyone in HER family, you do it without hesitation.

I have always admired my cousin’s family unit especially since it involves divorced parents, bonus parents, and half-siblings.
They are ALL one big HAPPY family and I love it.

Every photo should be cherished but you never really understand why until you have taken the very last photo of someone.
Shortly after this gorgeous session, Grammy passed away.
Knowing I took the very last portrait of someone is so heartbreaking, however, knowing I did also brings me SO much joy.

Grammy, your family loves and misses you everyday. ❤️