The Glitsea Gypsy

Day 11 |

I was contacted by the lovely Glitsea Gypsy to provide her with some product shots for her new bracelet featuring Okinawa’s star sand! This is one super cute bracelet among many other equally awesome and gorgeous things in her etsy shop! I know her time on island is dwindling down but at least we will always have access to her beautiful shop to buy all the sweet goodness that reminds us of Okinawa. Go check out all her awesome goodies and dont forget to follow her facebook, twitter: @theglitseagypsy and instagram: @theglitseagypsy for additional information.

2015 06 22 0004 700x703(pp w480 h482) - The Glitsea Gypsy2015 06 22 0003 700x703(pp w480 h482) - The Glitsea Gypsy

And some macro’d flowers for the fun of it. 🙂

2015 06 22 0001 700x472(pp w480 h323) - The Glitsea Gypsy

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