Sunsets and Silhouettes

Day 34-35 |

Day 34- I had every intention on shooting, blogging, and well nothing but laundry got done yesterday. I’m still calling that a win.

Day 35- The one thing I can count on Okinawa to deliver, is a beautiful Sunset. And if I am at the beach shooting you bet I will be ending with a sunset and silhouette!

This amazing family toted around the beach with me all evening, seriously they were champs! Their number  one goal, one image of the whole family, together! And we got it! Sometimes Im scared to work with older kids and teens because they despise the camera. You cant tell me you weren’t camera shy at that age and expect me to believe you. I know there is always an exception but for the most part I know how I was and how my siblings were. They all rocked it though, no complaining, no nothing they were the best set of kids of this age I have ever worked with and I appreciate it so much! I know mom and dad are going to be extremely pleased when they receive their full gallery and see how awesome they all did!

I was talking with them on how long they have been on Okinawa, and they have been here just about as long as I have! I for one will miss it when we leave, especially when you spend 6+ years in one place and they will too. I hope they have had an amazing tour here and have made equally amazing memories! What are somethings that you would put on your “must do before we leave” Okinawa list? Leave a comment below and let us know!!

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