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Today was the first day of Summer vacation! Wahoo!! We have 80 days until the new school year starts, here goes the attempt to shoot and blog each of those 80 days! :O These should be the best 80 days ever!

The boys *cross your fingers* should be entering sure-start this coming school year. While I say Ill have a party (and I probably will the first day), I think it might get a little lonely. I do know for sure Ill have all the time in the world to get homework done during the day!

For the first official ‘schools out’ we didn’t do too much, we took the kids bowling and then napped! They’ve only asked about a thousand times “can we play bowling” the last couple weeks. Yesterday I enjoyed the oh so gorgeous Okinawan sunsets with some friends after finishing their session before they PCS this summer. Many more of these gorgeous sunsets to be seen thats for sure!

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