Sickly and a Sneak Peek!

Day 12 & 13

I have been fighting this ‘virus’ for about a month now. Ill tell you what, Im over it. Its now to the point where my sinuses are throbbing, again, Im over it. I really dislike being sick and understand that it happens when you need rest, but I havent been on the go enough to need a rest. I think its about time to start the “it sucks getting old” but Im not quite 30 yet and that seems so premature. Day 12 involved a lot of cleaning and nose blowing so I admit, I skipped a day. Not really proud of it but it is what it is and at least I picked up and kept going right?!

Today I worked on my Lighting assignment which was to utilize window light. Im only taking one class this summer which is on Lighting and eventually we will move into the studio lighting which I am looking forward to! I ended my day with a fantastic family session at the beach. Im so happy the weather held out this week since they have family in town and nobody likes rainy vacations!

2015 06 24 0001 700x791(pp w480 h542) - Sickly and a Sneak Peek!2015 06 24 0002 700x703(pp w480 h482) - Sickly and a Sneak Peek!2015 06 24 0003 700x935(pp w480 h641) - Sickly and a Sneak Peek!2015 06 24 0004 700x935(pp w480 h641) - Sickly and a Sneak Peek!

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