Pre-Typhoon Halola

Day 43 |

Pre-Typhoon Halola was exceptionally beautiful! As it always is right before a typhoon hits anyway. Its calm, its beautiful, it always has a fantastic sunset. Today was no different.

I began the day doing some typhoon shopping, buying more milk and cereal. Am I the only one that goes through like 4 jugs of milk and 5 boxes of cereal in like a week? I cant be. My kids aren’t even that big or that old yet! I honestly have no desire to know how much that will change when they do get bigger and older. We stalked up snacks before work let out and the quick trip would have turned into a couple hours of agonizing line waiting. I began processing last weeks sessions, I can not wait till they get their gallery!! Holy crap, they are beautiful!

Since typhoon Halola decided she wanted to visit Okinawa tomorrow, Ms K and I decided to do her maternity session tonight instead. I think it was a very good choice in doing so! Who knows what the typhoon would have done to the gardens. It was hot, but it wasn’t miserable, extremely calm weather and a slight breeze at times. We welcomed the breeze and wouldn’t have minded if it was a little stronger. 😉 I brought along my lens-baby to play around and take a few experimental shots if she was willing. I haven’t brought it along or intended to use it during any family sessions before and figured it couldn’t hurt to try! We had about a 25% success rate and I am ok with that! Once we finished up I headed to the beach to catch the sunset which did not disappoint! Seriously, pre-typhoon sunsets are the best! The lens-baby made an appearance there as well. Enjoy! Let me know how you would spend your time during a typhoon in a comment below!

2015 07 24 0001 700x987(pp w480 h676) - Pre-Typhoon Halola2015 07 24 0002 700x1043(pp w480 h715) - Pre-Typhoon Halola2015 07 24 0003 700x471(pp w480 h322) - Pre-Typhoon Halola2015 07 24 0004 700x328(pp w480 h224) - Pre-Typhoon Halola2015 07 24 0005 700x472(pp w480 h323) - Pre-Typhoon Halola2015 07 24 0006 700x988(pp w480 h677) - Pre-Typhoon Halola

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