Day 24-31

So as you can see I have slacked this entire week! :O I have some good reasons though. Remember when I said I finally got an antibiotic? Well, turns out Im allergic to it! As soon as the typhoon passed I was in the ER looking like a red spotted leopard in dyer need of meds to help that clear up. We obviously all know about the typhoon that hit! Phew, now its playing catch up with sessions, editing, school work, and life.

Day 24: We enjoyed a super early and yummy lunch at our favorite spot after buying the boys bunk beds. :O Cant believe that happened! We also stopped at this cute new bakery that opened up up the street. I love the little bakery shops, I want to buy everything!

Day 25: picked up mattresses and stuffed them in the van! Kids thought it was awesome!

Day 26: Cuddled the most precious baby boy ever!! Wonderful in home lifestyle newborn session, I cannot wait to finish up these images and have mom and dad see them! They are going to melt just as I did!
The bunk-bed was delivered and put together today too!

Day 27: TYPHOON!! We did a whole lot of nothing. School work. Napping. Nothing. Bed. 🙂

Day 28: I woke up spotted, red spotted everywhere! I’ve never had a allergic reaction ever, up until this point my allergy list was at ZERO. This explains why two months later I STILL have a sinus infection and ended up with every other side effect this antibiotic carries as well as the allergic reaction. Spent 3.5 hours in the ER for a serious dose of a allergy relieving cocktail.

Day 29: Honestly, I cant even remember what we did. Oh wait, we bought Japanese candy to send home. The kids ripped my toenail halfway off. OUCH! Ate pizza and called it a night.

Day 30: Had a pedi scheduled, what a perfect timing right?! This pedi is the last Ill have with Kristin unless she decides to go AWOL and stays here forever! 🙂 Finished this weeks assignment thanks to a cute little girl! 😉 and headed to an amazing dinner with Kristi and her crew. We absolutely love “the drum place” its conveniently up the street, looks awesome, and super duper tasty.

This week is going to be a busy one, but I am back on track here, so watch out for the daily doses of fun and pretty things! Dont forget to leave a comment on the blog, I love reading them!

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