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If you are like most people, myself included, you probably opted for a disk of your images.

Who doesn’t love the ability to print freely whenever they need or want to. I know I do.

Have you thought about the unfortunate circumstance that you might actually cause you to lose those images and the disk forever?

This was my face when I lost some (by which I mean a lot) images because I kept putting off online back up/cloud storage.

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Truth is, ANYTHING can happen at ANYTIME. Things aren’t safe on the computer, it can crash and you CAN and WILL lose everything.

But, wait, you have a disk right? Well, what if your home was broken into? What if there was a fire or a flood? I know thats a bit extreme.

But seriously it can happen, it has happened. Your photographer may or may not archive their clients images either.

And if they do, they aren’t held liable if an unforeseen circumstance happened to them and they lost the images as well.

Losing images suck. I ugly cried a lot.

My point is, a disk should not be your only option for a back up. I have chosen to use an online back up in addition to my disks and external hard drive.

Two places are better than one.

No matter what, I wont lose a thing ever again.

Personally, I use BackBlaze and a referral link which gets us both a month FREE is accessed here.

Do not wait until something happens, protects those images now so you don’t have to ugly cry either!

**This post is in no way sponsored by BackBlaze, I am just a customer wanting to share the company I use! I only receive referral credit if you sign up via the link above.

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