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This months theme was choosing one image and writing about it. I voted for this theme and then forgot about it until our links were due! I’ve been stateside this month visiting family and meeting my two new nephews. I did not plan to be gone the entire month, but that’s how it worked since I am relying on space a; still waiting for a seat release to be announced for a flight in to Japan. I hope I can make it home soon, I miss fried rice, my husband, and my cat!

A couple weeks ago I had an assignment in my portraiture class to create 1 of 3 different types of portraits. I chose the family album approach and I know many people have seen these types of image recreated a lot lately, I put a little spin on it. I decided to take advantage of being home and having access to family photo albums and many many of the same scenes and backgrounds in the image. My grandparents have lived in the same house for over 40 years! I ended up creating a total of 6 images for my midterm and received an A! Wahoo!!

‘The Next Generation, Me Becoming My Mom” started with this single image to see how it would work.

6 1 3 Castor 700x290(pp w480 h198) - One Image | A blog Circle Theme

I did not want to recreate the image exactly of my mom and I from 1989 on the left; instead I wanted capture the next generation, my daughter and I as I have become my mom. I know the most things people look for when seeing these recreated images is the same or almost identical wardrobe. That is one thing I chose not to do, I wanted the slight environment changes and clothing differences to date the image and reinforce the generation gap as well as parenting style differences between my mother and I. While we do many many things the same there are an equal amount that we do differently. I love that I had this opportunity to create these image with my daughter, boys, mom, and grandma. I will cherish these and I hope my children do too. We can say we have similar childhood photos now. I could explain more academically how this project developed but its a bit boring! 😉 My main goal though, was creating a fresh new approach to a concept that has been done many times over. I’m extremely happy with it and again, love what it has allowed me to do and learn from. This wouldn’t have been possible had I not come home.

Here is the typical approach just for fun as well as the remainder of the images as follows. Be sure to head on over to Northern California Newborn and Baby Photographer, Kristy G. Photography and see what she has in store for you!


2016 03 13 0003 700x290(pp w480 h198) - One Image | A blog Circle Theme
1989 vs 2016

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Candace Castor is a portrait photographer specializing in Newborn photography, family photography, child photography, and the art of any type of portraits.  Candace currently resides in Okinawa Japan and serves the surrounding areas with her natural light photography.

In August, Candace’s beloved military husband will be relocated in the Tuscon, AZ area.  She will be offering photography sessions upon her arrival in Vail, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tuscon, Casa Grande and other surrounding cities. .  Be sure to get in touch for more information on prices and to book your session with me today.

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