One Birthday and One Anniversary

Day 37 |

The day started off rough today but I thought I had it under control come noon. Turns out it was going to the rough all day long. I quickly found out I double booked myself with two session that had to be rescheduled. Que panic attack! My husband had to work, and his car was taken apart so I was his ride. Plus 3 kids. I’m sure you can all picture that panic attack now. I went from plan A to plan D in the matter of an hour. Because of the most sweetest people ever taking the kids so last minute, my husband getting a ride home from work, and adjusted session times, today turned out great!

First up is this little handsome mans smash-cake session!! Our original date was taken over by the typhoon and that’s ok, because today was the most gorgeous day! It was a million degrees out and we all melted but it was a gorgeous day! This is the first time I have done a smash-cake session at the beach and I loved it!! It was adorable watching him play in the sand and eating his cake!

I finished up my day with this gorgeous couple! They wanted to celebrate their 1st anniversary with a beach session and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. Our original date was a few weeks ago and then work got in the way. I almost blew the whole day had I not sent them a reminder for their session for what I thought was tomorrow. I’m still mad at myself for not catching it a lot sooner. All is well and I hear my bed begging for me to get in it now. I hope you enjoy these gorgeous sneak peeks!!

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