Okinawa Maternity

Day 14 |

I spent the day catching up and working on this gorgeous Okinawa Maternity session! This beautiful lady was kind enough to model the new maternity dresses I added to my dress selection available to all my maternity clients. She was a champ, running around and back and forth on the beach for like two hours and changing between these 4 dresses! We had an absolute blast though and the images came out absolutely amazing! Each of these dresses are available for all maternity sessions whether it is a single, couple, or family maternity session. The selection will be growing and I welcome any style and color suggestion if you have one.

Dresses made by the amazing Sew Trendy Accessories

2015 06 26 0001 700x768(pp w480 h526) - Okinawa Maternity2015 06 26 0002 700x662(pp w480 h453) - Okinawa Maternity2015 06 26 0003 700x1077(pp w480 h738) - Okinawa Maternity2015 06 26 0004 700x792(pp w480 h543) - Okinawa Maternity2015 06 26 0005 700x523(pp w480 h358) - Okinawa Maternity2015 06 26 0006 700x935(pp w480 h641) - Okinawa Maternity2015 06 26 0007 700x615(pp w480 h421) - Okinawa Maternity2015 06 26 0008 700x619(pp w480 h424) - Okinawa Maternity

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