Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography…

Its beautiful and moving isn’t it? It really makes the emotion pop right out of the image!
Black and white photography is just so moving and timeless. I love it!

Do you ever wonder what makes me convert some of your images black and white, and only offer it as such?

When I am going through your sessions images picking the best of the best to present to you in your online gallery some of them literally jump right out at me and scream “convert me to black and white!” Seriously, they do! Some images only look their absolute best as black and white which is why they are not offered or shown to you in color.

I rarely offer the same image in both color and black and white.

When you book a session with me you are hiring me for my artistic talent, experience, my education, and expert opinion. All of which is present during your session with the location, posing or lack thereof, and how I shoot. This is also a big part of the post processing of your images because my job is not done when we leave your session.

During post processing I am hand selecting each image very carefully and taking them from great to absolutely fantastic! I study each of the images individually whether it is 10 images or 100. I know exactly how your images should look digitally and in print because I created them. If there is an image that I feel is fantastic but it just isn’t speaking to me like I want it to I will convert it to black and white and 9 times out of 10 that does the trick.

I convert the images that speak to me.

Now you know my secret! 😉 How do you feel about black and white photography? Let me know in the comments or if you are interested in booking your session to find out what images of yours speak to me you can do so here or contact me!

I’m still powering through the 80 days of summer blog post! WAHOO! That also means my time on Okinawa is dwindling down and I will soon be off to Tucson Arizona.

Black and White Photography006 700x383(pp w480 h262) - Black and White PhotographyBlack and White Photography002 700x701(pp w480 h480) - Black and White PhotographyBlack and White Photography007 700x495(pp w480 h339) - Black and White PhotographyBlack and White Photography004 700x934(pp w480 h640) - Black and White PhotographyBlack and White Photography005 700x469(pp w480 h321) - Black and White PhotographyBlack and White Photography003 700x313(pp w480 h214) - Black and White PhotographyBlack and White Photography001 700x495(pp w480 h339) - Black and White Photography

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