Northern Utah Fresh 48 Sessions – Welcome Kylynn Sakura

Northern Utah Fresh 48 Sessions – Welcome Kylynn Sakura

First off, this brand new squish has the most beautiful name!! Second, now Id like to go change my kids middle name to Sakura! 😉
I love, well really I’m obsessed with Cherry Blossoms so I’m sure that makes me pretty bias.

This beautiful girls mama elected to have a Fresh 48 Session to document their first days with their brand new family member! After a couple boys, Kylynn was certainly welcomed with tons of open arms ready to love on her. Her mama had a ring she showed me when I got there, it had been hers when she was a baby and its been waiting 23 or so years to be used by her daughter. Isn’t that so special? It was so cute and so tiny and looked huge on her little fingers but such a sentimental moment the family will cherish.

Northern Utah Fresh 48 sessions are much like what you see here, it is done at you birth facility 24-48 hours after the arrival of your precious new baby. It is a quick 30-40 minute session to document those first days for you to look back on. I don’t know about anyone else, but I hardly remember any part of those days after I gave birth to my children. I would love to go back in time and hire a photographer to document this time for me. Newborns change so much in the first few days it is amazing to see and for me, hard to remember. Those newborn wrinkles are my absolute favorite thing to capture; if you’r due soon and interested in having those moments documented, contact me and let’s get you scheduled! Check out my gallery for additional info on Fresh 48 sessions as well as having your entire birth experience documented!

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