Macro Therapy

Day 36 |

Today has been one of those days. If you were at the commissary today, I am truly sorry you had to put up with my kids. It was a ‘ears are painted on’ sort of day and it hasnt ended either. Im considering pledging my wood floors again, this time on purpose, just so they finally learn not to run in the house. Now, I know your rereading that and asking yourself “did she just say she pledged her wood floors?” Answer is yes. I’m hanging my head in shame trust me. I’ve never had wood floors before and during a desperate bout to make my floors shiny again while I was pregnant (we all know what pregnancy does to your brain!) I pledged a small patch. I Immediately regretted it. It was 5 years ago, its slightly funny now. But, I wont hesitate to try it again just to make the kids stop running in the house. I couldn’t escape the house or the kids so I decided on some macro therapy while I was dreaming of quite children at the commissary checkout line. They didnt have any pretty flowers this time so I stopped at a local flower shop off base and on the way home. Best 1,850 yen ($15) I have ever spent. Once we got home and unloaded the groceries the boys for once in a very very long time stayed asleep as I carried them inside. All three of us deserved this nap! It lasted almost 3 hours!! Now, that I think about it, I should have napped too. I went outside instead began shooting my heart out. I came inside and took advantage of the quite time and finished processing and uploading the cutest little mans Life-Style Newborn session! I was so excited for mom and dad to see those images!!

What is your favorite way to wind down from a stressful outing/day? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!

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