Kyoto Japan

A quick trip to Kyoto Japan

I had wanted to go to Kyoto Japan ever since I saw a picture of the Golden Temple and Tori Gates. Living in Okinawa we have the ability to travel Asia and the surrounding areas pretty inexpensively. I hate to say that I, or rather we, have not taken full advantage of that in the last 6.5 years. We should have! And I wish we would have! But we have done a few things, one was a quick trip with my bestie to Kyoto last February. 😉

We did our own photographer version of the Amazing Race, seriously. We mapped out where we wanted to go and then made up a plan to hit them all up in a timely and effective manor. While it was super fun I don’t recommend it. Kyoto is a place to wonder, get lost, and enjoy. Not race through. I had been one other time before so I knew a little bit more on when and where and how to get there but this was Caylen’s first time. We had a blast!

The first on the to-do list was eating Outback Steakhouse, and after we checked into our hotel in Kyoto we took the train back to Osaka for dinner! It was so good! So sad they were sold out of the bloomin’ onion by the time we sat down and ordered but still good! We finished up our planning, went to bed and woke bright and early to go dress up like Geisha’s for the morning.  We shopped, we ate, we walked and walked and walked. We also rode the wrong bus the wrong way a couple of times! We were only there for 3 total days, and we made the most of them all! The last day we had two stops before the train ride back to Osaka to catch our plane.

If you ever go to Kyoto, which you should, go for a week at least and soak it all in!!

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