Japanese Dining

Day 8 |

Today started out with Zane “making himself handsome” as he says. I walked into the bathroom and seen him staring at himself and combing his hair. I swear he isn’t a high maintenance child, but he is making me believe he is going to be soon! He is already my clown, so he will probably be adding ladies man to the resume shortly. It amazes me each day how different these boys are for being twins. The stereotypical “two of the same kid” is a complete myth. While they have similar things about them, they are 110% their own person.

We headed out to a restaurant called Warren’s Place, Japanese Restaurant · Cajun & Creole Restaurant, my husband found on facebook a few days ago. It is the cutest little restaurant perfect for singles and couples as well as families and groups. We made a reservation for 10 people, believe it or not but it was just two families! :O Dang kids! lol The restaurant was a bit of a drive but was so worth it. I personally think its one best enjoyed without kids but they are welcome. Tonight’s menu was chicken which had been roasted for like 10 hours, and boy did it fall off the bone just as it should! One of the best chicken dishes I have had on island. We also ordered steak pieces and a salad. The steak was perfect! I love steak but I seriously love getting it as bite size pieces, I swear it has a much better flavor than having to cut it yourself. Warren’s Place is a family owned and ran restaurant, Warren himself is extremely involved in your dining experience, he is passionate about it and it shows. We will definitely be going back! I will miss Japanese Dining, I love sitting on the floor, no shoes and getting your dishes when they are ready which means things come out piece by piece. Nothings cold and usually everything is eaten as fast as it all comes.

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