Its a Girl!!

Day 54-55 |

Day 54 – it was a pick your battle day. No battles won though.

Day 55 – Its a Girl!! Today was little misses newborn session! Sometimes lifestyle-newborn is more of newborn, in this case little miss doesn’t have a nursery ready yet and siblings had other obligations, but that’s OK! Mama’s maternity session can be seen here, and we can now say dad was right!! She was a girl! Miss Willow was so cute!! Her name alone is freaking adorable, but she lives up to it. Mom had ordered a custom tutu and Willow immediately protested until we took it off. We have about 2.5 images with the tutu in use and one is her screaming! She loved being swaddled and covered up which I don’t mind because I do not work with my newborn like most do, I do not keep them naked and move them all around while being naked. Not because I’m afraid of pee or poo, its just not how I like to work, I like to keep babies comfortable and naturally posed. Little Willow is sibling number 4 with an amazingly good helper of a older sister and two older brothers who all love her to pieces! She was so good and so smiley! So good that I missed just about 80% of them too, she knew when the camera was ready and when it wasn’t. Little stinker. 🙂

I cant wait for mom and dad and the rest of her family get to see the rest of these images!!

2015 08 05 0001 700x471(pp w480 h322) - Its a Girl!!2015 08 05 0002 700x935(pp w480 h641) - Its a Girl!!2015 08 05 0003 700x471(pp w480 h322) - Its a Girl!!

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