Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!

.. to one of the best Dads there is! Our kids love you to the moon and beyond.
Well, we all love you and appreciate everything you do for us. 🙂

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Photos by the amazing Kristi James Photography!

Other awesome dads in our life is the grandparents.. Happy Fathers Day to them too!!

This handsome group of men are my grandparents, my step dad and my father in law.
Shout out to them for bring the most amazing and supportive people I know! We are looking forward to being a lot closer to all of you very soon!

My grandpa (bottom left) is the most hard working, quick witted and strongest man I know. I could not have asked for a better man to be my grandpa and watch me grow.
I would give him the world if I could, he has helped me without question and always reminds me how good I have it and that babies are always in charge!

My Grandpa Bert is the most helpful man I know! He will drop anything he is doing to help anyone who calls. He drove to CA to pick me and the kids up with only a few hours notice! He is the greatest teacher and has a secret soft spot for my parents dogs. Nobody tells grandpa Bert not to feed them human food, he does what he wants!

My step dad came into my life when I was 11 and has been the best dad to me, my siblings, his own kids, and grandpa I could have ever asked for! We are all surprised he lived through teaching me how to drive! If I need any help, any advice or just someone to vent to, he is there. Our best days consist of eating all the foods in which he tells me I’m a bad influence and I tell him he can always say no to peer pressure which he never does! The amount of things he has taught me, put up with, and does would take a million years to list so I just want him to know that I truly appreciate it all. See you in AZ real soon because we have Mexican food to sample!!

Finally Grandpa Mark, this man stood up and remained there when he didn’t have to. He is a fantastic father and grandpa and my kids are so lucky to have you in their life. Hurry up and finish that house so we can come visit again!

I have realized I have failed at all of my roles, especially as a photographer- I can only find these 4 images! :O This is unacceptable!
Having lived in Japan for the last 7 years and seeing my family once every few years you would like I would have more images to share!
My only excuse I can give is that I soaked up my time with them instead of making sure I took a photo; but I really should have balanced that.
New goal for the rest of forever, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TAKE A PICTURE!!

Now go celebrate the amazing dads in your life!! Happy Fathers Day!

2016 06 19 0002 700x754(pp w480 h517) - Happy Fathers Day!


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