Glowing Okinawa Mama-to-be

Being pregnant is no picnic. You’re growing an entire person and it makes you feel cranky and big and uncomfortable. Then you see women like this and you realize that there’s a reason they describe pregnant women as glowing.

Not only does she glow, but she makes pregnancy look effortless and beautiful! Her smile is so self-assured and she is absolutely confident in the fact that she’s growing someone amazing.

The beach and rocks served as the perfect background for this Okinawa mama to show off her belly. The weather added to the drama of the scene, giving us the perfect amount of wind and sun to make this one of the most beautiful maternity sessions I’ve ever done!

The clothing she chose for this shoot were gorgeous, classic, and showed her off in the absolute best ways possible. I loved the contrast of her bright pink against the gray rocks, the way that the black and white blended in, and the happy shade of green that highlighted their joy. (This gorgeous pink dress as well as the black top and white skirt are available for all my maternity clients to wear during their session!)

I was happy to turn this maternity session into a couple session. The two of them look at each other with so much love and adoration! You can tell that this family was started in love.

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If you’re in Okinawa and interested in getting your own maternity photos taken, please contact me! In addition to maternity sessions, I also do family sessions, couple sessions, birth sessions, and lifestyle newborn sessions. I would love to be part of your special occasion or be able to capture your love on camera. Take a look at my work and see what you think. I’d love to hear from you and work on some ideas for how best to capture you and your family.

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