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Day 5 |

In two days the Photography community has received the most heartbreaking news of the passing of two astounding people. News of any kind has a way of awaking people. Ive been shakin’ up over the news, it scares me. I get extremely bad migraines and the thought of anything happening to me terrifies me. We jump to focusing on our love for our family. Hugging them more and a little tighter because those who passed are now unable. We focus more on our family and what we can do together, what we can do to express our feelings, and what we can do to enjoy each-other. I hate that school and work takes up a lot of my time, I hate that I stare at the computer more than I should. This whole challenge of 80 days of summer was to make some damn good memories, to live and have fun. So far, into day 5, not so much. We need more memories and I need more images of me creating them with the family.  Don’t think for a minute you will have another day to do it because it isn’t guaranteed and that sucks.

Browning 2018 004 700x467(pp w480 h320) - Give Love Browning 2018 003 700x1049(pp w480 h719) - Give Love Browning 2018 017 700x1049(pp w480 h719) - Give Love

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