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Day 18 & 19 |

Day 18 : sickly still with only enough energy to look at my camera.

Day 19: I went back to the doctor since I’ve been sick now about 4-4.5 weeks and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Finally the doctor listened to me and agreed it was a sinus infection and hallelujah I got antibiotics! Apparently its standard procedure now to go to the doctor twice within a month for the same issue before they will prescribe antibiotics. I think its crap but nonetheless, Ill be feeling much much better in a day or two!

Summer semester started two weeks ago, since its summer its accelerated so a normal 15 week course is condensed into 8 weeks. Two summers ago I took two classes and about lost my sanity, this summer I am just taking one but being sick and doing school work is still draining me. I’m taking a lighting course like I mentioned and today I was able to pull out the new lighting equipment, set it up, and use it! I had help, as I had no idea what I was doing! Thanks Kristi!! <3 <3 My assignment was to photograph an object and focus on form and then on texture, I’m honestly not sure it turned out like it was suppose to but Ill find out what my instructor has to say about it in a few days. Here are a few images from the homework session anyway!

2015 06 30 0002 700x472(pp w480 h323) - Form and Texture2015 06 30 0003 700x471(pp w480 h322) - Form and Texture2015 06 30 0004 700x471(pp w480 h322) - Form and Texture

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