Family Beach Session

Day 24 |

After a few reschedules we finally had our Family Beach Session today!! It turned out to be the perfect day too! Weather was great in the beginning, everyone was awesome and then it started sprinkling. Didn’t last long like normal, we finished up and as we headed to the beach to wrap up with sunset it began to down pour! We ran as fast as we could to the pavilion but we were soaked! That was our Que to be done whether we wanted to be or not. As Okinawa does, it only poured for about 5 minutes and went on its merry way, the sky looked way to good to just head back to the cars. I had them stop for some quick sunset silhouette shots and then called it a wrap! I have to say though, these kids were so awesome, everyone was great! They are the first ones to say they weren’t a fan of my camera buddy Elmo! lol Elmo helps little ones to be comfortable and give them something to look at but these kids didnt need the help, like I said, they were awesome! I also want to say mom deserves a high five and something special because she did a fantastic job with their outfits and coordinating colors!! While some might think matching outfits are best, I personally do not like them, I like to you coordinate and compliment each other because it adds variety and color to the image so you all stand out on your own instead of blending in. Your clothing is an important aspect of your custom family session and I am always here to help if you have questions. All in all, rain or no rain this Family Beach Session during out absolutely amazing! I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks! I cant wait for you to see your full proofing gallery soon!!

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