Extended Family Sessions and What to Wear

Let’s talk about extended family sessions!

#1 question I get is: “What do we all wear?”

This question isn’t only an extended family session struggle but a single-family struggle too!

However, some of you might be wondering ‘what in the world is an extended family session, and how is it different from a regular family session?’

Extended family sessions are sessions for more than one family unit.

Let’s, say your whole family got together for a family reunion or get-together or you just all happened to be in the same area at the same time and you want photos!!

So you have Mom and Dad + sister and her family +  brother and his family + you and your family.

These sessions are unique and super fun. They do differ quite a bit from regular family sessions which is where I can be more up close and personal with each individual person. Extended family sessions do not quite offer this same flexibility but I always strive to make each of these sessions as unique and personal as possible.

Extended family sessions include a large family portrait of EVERYONE, a single-family portrait of each family, all kids (& spouses) together, all grandkids together, grandkids with grandma and grandpa, etc. The grouping is pretty standard and I will always do any specific grouping you are wanting as well.
Because extended family sessions larger size and time individual portraits of all children are not possible – this where a regular family session would be best.

I offer a set session fee based on the number of family members and all images and products are purchased separately. Please contact me for further details and to set-up your next extended family session!

So, what to wear??

Wear what you’re comfortable in! Be YOU!

But, DO aim for a color scheme and DO NOT MATCH!
I want to you all standout! If you are too matchy you will all blend in and the final image won’t be as flattering.

Some patterns are OK, busy busy patterns are not, as they are very distracting.
Also, try not to wear the same colors as the chosen location, nobody wants to play ‘wheres Waldo with your family portraits’. 😉

Coordinating a set color scheme of 3-5 colors is so easy but everyone has to be on the same page.
Send each other pictures back and forth and try to shop at the same stores.

Even if ‘blue’ is a chosen color, there are various shades of blue. So please please communicate with each other.

And if at any point you need help, guidance, or ideas, LET ME KNOW!  I want to help!!!

I have a Pinterest Board available for clothing choice ideas.

Also, keep in mind the season and climate in which you are in.

As much as I want to dress as if I lived on the beach every day, it’s not realistic because Utah is landlocked and it just doesn’t make sense.
You also do not wear flip flops in the winter or all the fleece and comfy boots in the summer.

Dress the part/ the climate/ and the season.

*** AND pups are ALWAYS welcome! If your cat is super chill bring him/her too!  ***
I love all the animals! Well, almost all of them, if you have a snake, maybe please leave him/her at home.

This family session was in Tucson during the November-December time frame. Believe it or not, it does get colder in the winter months down there so their clothing wasn’t too far off but they coordinated so perfectly I was in love as soon as I saw them together!! Most of them flew in from Florida and Washington to stay with those living in Arizona for holidays which is super fun all on its own but they aimed to make the time together extra special and I was more than willing to help!

Also, check out THIS extended family session as well for more ideas!