Double the trouble? Quadrupedal the fun!

Two of these four kids might be twins, but they all were so much fun! First I have to thank our mutual friend, Oz, he sent this sweet family my way since he is off on island for work for a period of time. I have to say, it is such an honor to know that a fellow photographer believes in you and trusts in your work to send their friends and family to them. <3 So, thank you Oz! They were a blast to work with!

They were all so good, they really did love the camera and posed naturally. We had a few extra incentives, or bribes if you want to be technical. 🙂 I have way more than enough images to sort through and pick the best of the best to show them in their final gallery. Grandma even had the opportunity to be included since she is here visiting! We laughed, tickled, giggled, made funny faces and had so much fun! I have no doubt they are going to love these sneak peeks and be on their toes waiting to see the final gallery, I wont lie, Im excited too!

Thank you so much for trusting me, and trusting Oz! <3 It was my pleasure making memories and beautiful portraits with you this evening!

2015 09 19 0001 700x471(pp w480 h322) - Double the trouble? Quadrupedal the fun!2015 09 19 0002 700x328(pp w480 h224) - Double the trouble? Quadrupedal the fun!2015 09 19 0003 700x937(pp w480 h642) - Double the trouble? Quadrupedal the fun!

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