Displaying your Images!

Displaying your Images!

So you had your session and now your images are ready to be viewed… YAY!!!!
But what do you do with them? Let’s talk about displaying your images!

I want you to PRINT PRINT PRINT!! 🙂
I offer a variety of package options for prints!
Al a carte canvas, wall displays, albums, Photoblocks and Organic Bloom frames.

There are so many ways to display your images on your walls.
I have a Pinterest board you can view for some ideas here.
Organic Bloom frame options and the new Photoblocks!!

Your options are endless! Ultimately I do not want your images to go unseen or just sit on your computer collecting virtual dust.

I will help you design your perfect display!

When you book a session with me you will get a complete customized experience from booking to hung on your wall.
I am here to help you chose your perfect product and get them on your walls or in your frames.
That’s why you had your session in the first place right? To display your images in your home!

I just helped this amazing family chose and arrange their perfect photo wall for when they move back to the states with these amazing Photoblocks.
I cannot wait to see how these will look on their wall! Much better than a disk in a drawer or file on the computer right?!
I will be going more in depth (what & why) with all of the products during the next few weeks so keep any eye out for those!

Print what is important to you! Show off your gorgeous selves dang it! There is no shame in that! 😉

Contact me if you need help with a custom wall display too! Or book your session now if you haven’t done so already!

Photoblock Photowall Medium 700x467(pp w480 h320) - Displaying your Images!Photoblock The Perfect Mix 700x467(pp w480 h320) - Displaying your Images!

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