Day 9 & 10

Yesterday little miss had a birthday party at the pool so she and I packed up for the pool. She packed her swim gear and I packed the computer 🙁

I had homework to work on therefore I couldn’t enjoy the nice cool pool. I dont know how cool it was since the sign said the water temp was 92* but Im sure it still felt nice instead of sitting there working and dying from the humidity. Long ago I bought a polarizing filter which is suppose to deepen blues and eliminate reflections on bright things such as water so I screwed it on the lens and gave it a test run. I should have taken a before so I could compare it to the after but I could immediately see the difference with the water, I could see through it instead of it looking cloudy because it was trying to reflect. After the pool we headed home to pick up dad and the boys so we could meet up with some friends at the movie theater to see Inside Out. It was such a cute movie! By the time the movie was over I had a full blown sinus migraine and wanted nothing more than to sleep for a week. I’ve had this ‘virus’ for about 3 weeks now. This is why I’m posting two days in one, because when we did get home I went right to bed and slept about 11 hours. I could have slept another 6 hours if the kids didnt require me to be awake.

We spent a pretty relaxing fathers day at home, left for a bit so dad could look at a auto part store and then settle on buying a impact drill from the monkey store. Makeman has a monkey in its slogan so we call it the monkey store. Makeman is similar to a Lowes. I was more impressed with the photo booth and coke machine than trying to find a drill in a Japanese store. Vending machines are in abundance here and I have taken them for granted. There has to be at least 200 drink options within vending machines in a mile radius at any given time.

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