Davis County Utah Couples Session | Jessica and Isaac

Davis County Utah Couples Photography session on Antelope Island.

Sometimes I just get that itch to shoot. It’s very similar to my craving for food.
It doesn’t go away until I eat whatever I am craving and thus the itch to shoot doesn’t go away until I shoot something that breathes life back into my soul.

This session was IT! I put out a model call for very specific looks, clothing, and comfort level in front of the camera, and these two sure delivered that and more!

I wanted nice fall colors: maroon, mustard orange, black, and denim.
They both nailed it! Although I am positive Jessica did all the shopping.

I chose Antelope Island because I had only shot there once years and years ago and wasn’t pleased with the outcome and desperately wanted to try again because it is such a gorgeous place and so many different landscapes and options for backgrounds. I also had a Maternity Session scheduled and I wanted to have a trial run before I took this gorgeous mama out there!

Clients hire me for my experience, vision, and creativity and I have to say this session truly shows just that and I am so excited to finally share them with the world!


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