Cropping Chart

Have you received a digital image disk from me or another photographer and went to print your images only to find out the popular sizes cropped your image funny?

The image that come out of my camera as well as most all other cameras are in a 2:3 ratio meaning that a standard 4×6 print features the full size image.

To print an image at its full size without cropping you can print either a 4×6, 8×12, or 16×24.

All other sizes will crop, the image chart below shows how much will be cropped off with certain sizes.

If you independently print your images you may not have control on where the image will crop at.

Printing your images through your photographer via their professional print lab will ensure the important parts of the image are not cropped off!

CROPPING GUIDE 700x906(pp w480 h621) - Cropping Chart

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