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I dreamt about coldstone and realized we have one locally now! I made everyone get in the car to drive to the awfully busy new mall just to get ice cream. My absolute favorite flavor is the cheesecake with fresh strawberries mixed in, I added some chocolate chips this time too. I seen they had pineapple flavor and I think Ill be trying that next, I hope it tastes like the pineapple flavor at the pineapple factory in Nago. Im a little sad how small the kiosk is for cold-stone in the mall, but at least we have one so I wont complain anymore! I also went to old navy because they were having 100yen flip flops which equals to about 78 cents in US dollar.. holy crap! I paid less than $2 for two pairs of flip flops! Considering they were for the kids and one already has gum squished all over the bottom of one and the other will likely break his within the next two weeks I scored pretty good! They were having some sort of sale, I didnt understand most of the Japanese to English translation but all I know is I bought 2 swim suits, one rash guard set, and 2 flip flops for 2,200yen which is roughly $20 and saved 4,200yen ($38). I might need to go back and see what sale they have going on over at American Eagle now! 5.5 years without having a real mall or local coldstone and I seem to still be forgetting its here now! Todays images are iphone/instagram shares! 😉

2015 06 30 0001 700x997(pp w480 h683) - Coldstone

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