I am Candace Castor your Photographer!

Hey!! I am Candace Castor your Photographer!

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The funnies have to be included because they are apart of me. 😉
One of my best friends was kind enough to put up with me for some updated headshots!

I am Candace Castor, your Photographer!
A mother; I have a 10-year-old daughter, 5-year-old twin boys, and two cuddly cats.
A student; because an AA and a BA weren’t enough I decided I needed an MFA too.
I am halfway through my MFA program so by this time next year I should finally have my MFA in Photography!

I love the beach, my favorite color is pink and coffee makes me a better person.
I love exploring, I equally love eating. Okinawa has the best food and I will go through withdrawals like an addict once we leave.
I am a very understanding person but super impatient; instant gratification seeker over here!
I try to be funny, but most certainly am not and will laugh at myself with you! 😉

And this is my family <3

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And I cannot wait to meet you in Okinawa until August 31 2016 and in Tucson Arizona after that!

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