Candace Castor Photography Studio | Sunset Utah Portrait Studio

I am so thrilled to announce Candace Castor Photography now has STUDIO space!! 
Located on Main Street in Sunset Utah.


Studio Photography Clearfield Utah

This space is something out of a dream, and boy was I daydreaming when I walked in to tour the space and talk details. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the abundance of gorgeous natural light we’ve got here? …

Candace Castor Photography Studio | Sunset Utah Portrait Studio

Que the drooling.

I’ve longed to have a space I can call home, a space I can create magic in, a space I can spread out and admire. 

This. Is. That. Space.

Candace Castor Photography has a Studio to call home. 


I do share this space with a few other super talented and amazing photographers that I am so excited to get to know and work with. YAY for friends! 

So Daydreaming?
Y’all I was lost in my head. Imagining all the different sessions and adventures waiting to happen. 

I cannot believe I will have the space to spread out, be comfortable and still create intimate images.

The versatility and options I now have is refreshing and welcomed! 


Gone are the days of cleaning cake out of carpet like I did in the small bedroom of a space I had for a short time. Hello easy clean floors!

Davis County Newborn Photographer


Say what?? Boudoir is now a very real and new offering! I mean, can you imagine? … 

Utah Studio Boudior

Are you drooling yet? I am. Again. Oops.


Let’s not forget about those! I can now accommodate larger groups! And now year-round. Because we live in Utah, Utah has snow. I don’t like snow. Snow is cold!

We can still be cozy IN STUDIO! 

Boudoir Photography Sunset Utah

I have ideas, so many BIG ideas so what are you waiting for? Let’s chat about creating your intimate studio adventure! 

Sunset Utah Photographer

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