Day 40-42 |

Some of these days are getting away from me. With shooting for school and wanting to shoot daily during the summer I’m mentally taking a break without knowing it.

Instead of kicking myself for missing a day, I have come to terms that it is A-OK to do so. I’m not one to follow rules 100% so missing a day or two is a given. It picking back up that is usually the problem. I’m either all in or all out. But I am really trying, and I have picked right back up. Even though I combining these 3 days, I only missed shooting one of the days.

Day 40 – nothing

Day 41 – After babysitting in the morning, we headed to the mall to look at tripods and batteries. I didn’t need them, but Kristi did. I went along for moral support and ice cream! 😉 We ended up eating dinner before ice cream. Each time I go to the new mall I have eaten at the exact same place. I wanted something else! We settled on Cowboy Family because it looked super good and the prices weren’t bad either. Look how cute the kids meal is served?! The kids loved it!! When we got our food though, we were a little disappointed in the portion, we know Japan is on the smaller side for their portions but this was super super small. I could have eaten like 3 of my meals and been full. I finished every single thing on my plate, the steak and 4 fries. lol! We also had a salad which I made my self so it was a good bit of food. By the time I finished, my hungry meter hadn’t even moved! I don’t think we will return to this restaurant. Don’t worry, I rewarded myself with double the ice cream! Love me some cold-stone!

Day 42 – Homework. -_- Only 2 more weeks and summer semester will be done. 2 more weeks. I can do it.

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