2020 PROJECT 52: 24/52

They say that the red poppy represents remembrance and hope. This week’s self-portraits were taken in the poppy field in Mantua here in Northern Utah. It. Was. Gorgeous. Seriously, so damn beautiful. But, also so damn crowded. Families and photographers galore, but really I completely understand why. I saw posts floating around Facebook about how crowded it… Continue reading 2020 PROJECT 52: 24/52

Extended Family Sessions and What to Wear

Let’s talk about extended family sessions! #1 question I get is: “What do we all wear?” This question isn’t only an extended family session struggle but a single-family struggle too! However, some of you might be wondering ‘what in the world is an extended family session, and how is it different from a regular family… Continue reading Extended Family Sessions and What to Wear