Birth & Fresh 48 Photography, Davis County Utah

The birth of your baby, talk about the most rewarding, challenging, emotional, and happiest moments you’ll ever experience.
Admittingly I have cried with my moms and dads while documenting their baby’s birth. It is so beautiful. So surreal. So emotional. And so amazing.

I wasn’t able to hire my own birth photographer; I did not even know such an option was available. But I also had quick and premature births with both my pregnancies, my daughter decided she was ready to enter the world at 33 weeks and my twin boys came along at 34 weeks. I do have pictures and I love them to pieces but looking back I wish that I had more of the story captured.

I want to document this experience for you.
Laugh with you.
Cry with you.
Watch your baby take their first breath with you.
Hear your baby cry out for you with you.
I want to capture your birth story for you to cherish and share with your family.