Before & After

Before & After

Because images don’t automatically come out the camera exactly as I want them to. This is why all the images you will see in your proofing gallery are fully edited or processed. I go through and hand select each image choosing the best of the best as I mentioned the other day with the Black and White Photography post. I know all photographers do things their own way, some don’t edit their images at all until you have chosen the ones you want and some do light edits for you to pick from. I personally don’t care for that. You hired me for a job and I am obligated to provide you with a final product for you to chose from. As a client myself I find it very hard to imagine what an image will look like in its finished state so I have a hard time picking that way. What if the images I chose aren’t my favorite after they have been fully edited? I always think about it as ordering a hamburger, I expect it to be fully cooked and ready to eat when I see/get it. I dont want to be handed a raw burger just to be told they have to take it back and cook it before I can eat it.

I edit all your images before you see them because I want you to imagine them on your walls just as you see them.

I also don’t want you to have to wait any longer to get your images or submit your print order. If I had to go back and edit them after you chose them all of that would take longer.

Images right out of camera are a little dull and flat and need to be polished up before they are ready for you to see them. I have put together a few examples of before & afters so that you can see how your images go from good to fantastic!

2016 06 25 0001 700x935(pp w480 h641) - Before & After2016 06 25 0002 700x935(pp w480 h641) - Before & After2016 06 25 0003 700x236(pp w480 h161) - Before & After2016 06 25 0004 700x236(pp w480 h161) - Before & After2016 06 25 0005 700x936(pp w480 h641) - Before & After




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