4th of July!

4th OF JULY!

This is our last 4th of July in Okinawa, we’ve been celebrating the independence of our country here since 2010! Its bittersweet to think about, and to have our festivities canceled this year makes it a little bit on the sour side. We are doing our own little thing at the house and I thought I would go back through and look at how we celebrated each year. I grew up going to the city parades and festivals and ending the day with fireworks. When I was little little we would always light our own at home, we lived in a cul de sac and all the neighbors joined in! We BBQ’d and ran wild in the street. Id give anything to go back and be able to do that again. As we got older we opted for the display the city would put on. No matter what we did we were always together. I am looking forward to spending the 4th with my family again! I will miss the perks and opportunities we would get each year for being overseas though and celebrating our day with the locals. <3

Tips for photographing Fireworks:

  • Use a tripod! and shutter release button if at all possible, you dont want camera shake.
  • A slower shutter speed- around 2-5 second exposure time or bulb mode. You can open and close the shutter as long as you want.
  • Open the shutter as the firework shoots up and wait till its almost done to close it if using bulb mode. Or just fire away over and over again like I do! 😉 Bound to be a keeper in all that mess! 😛
  • A small aperture. F/8-f/15
  • LOW ISO! I always set mine to 100
  • Zoom lens!

Tips for writing with sparklers:

  • Low ISO, preferably at 100
  • F5/ -F/8
  • Bulb mode
  • auto focus your lens on your subject, then put it on manual focus. When your ready press your shutter and hold it until the writing is done!
  • Write backwards so that it appears correct in camera.
  • Practice and have fun!!!

This shot was taken at F/13, 2 second exposure, ISO 100. Nikon D610 and 24-70mm 2.8 at 60mm

2016 07 04 0009 700x468(pp w480 h320) - 4th of July!


2016 07 04 0001 700x461(pp w480 h316) - 4th of July!


2016 07 04 0002 700x555(pp w480 h380) - 4th of July!


2016 07 04 0003 700x545(pp w480 h373) - 4th of July!


2016 07 04 0004 700x450(pp w480 h308) - 4th of July!


2016 07 04 0005 700x467(pp w480 h320) - 4th of July!


2016 07 04 0006 700x881(pp w480 h604) - 4th of July!2016 07 04 0007 700x235(pp w480 h161) - 4th of July!2016 07 04 0008 700x470(pp w480 h322) - 4th of July!


2016 07 05 0003 700x391(pp w480 h268) - 4th of July!2016 07 05 0004 700x934(pp w480 h640) - 4th of July!2016 07 05 0001 700x468(pp w480 h320) - 4th of July!2016 07 05 0002 700x235(pp w480 h161) - 4th of July!

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