4th of July

Day 23 |

I headed over to a friends house for the 4th of July, we were having a girls night and let the kids run wild. Seriously, with 8 kids there was no taming them anyway so why not. I had to bring my lighting equipment so we could set it up so I could take a few quick pictures for my assignment. I forgot how fast summer semester goes by and how much it cuts into everything since it is so fast paced. If all goes well Ill graduate next summer and then I can bask in free time! I will have been in college for 8 non-stop years by that point, AA all the way to MFA. I never wanted to go to college, but I am thankful I have/am. I hope my dedication and willingness to learn rubs off on the kids and they take it seriously as well.

After the school work was done we sat out back and lit off the million sparklers we bought, dont ask us how we bought that many but we did. We saved a few for ourselves so that we could light them just to photograph them! At the end of the night I realized we didnt take any photos of the kids! While I would normally be upset about that, we did do a 4th of July themed shoot two days earlier and I am sure the kids enjoyed the break from the camera! I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!!

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