2020 PROJECT 52: 9/52


The devil.
Sharp throbbing pain from being stabbed with a hypothetical ice pick into the base of your skull and coming out through your eyeball.

(this is my own definition, not Websters)

Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?
Imagine this goes on for days.
Yes, days.
Usually three days.

Meds only help sometimes. It just comes and goes all day every day for three days.
These days are miserable.

Nobody’s having a good time when migraines occur and last this long. Nobody.

This week consisted of a three-day migraine.
Nobody had fun.
Nothing got done.
and the hangover wasn’t anything exciting either.

These images look how I usually feel; In pain, ghost-like, constant wishy-washy motion,  and the bright light is the most intense pain if you’ve ever experienced times 5 in the location in which said ice pick entered and exited with great force.