2020 PROJECT 52: 28/52

Did I have an idea for a photograph this week? No.
Did I  want to take a photo this week? Also a no.
But did I? Yes.

This week’s photo was suggested by a fellow photographer from one of the Facebook groups I am in.

She called it “Picaso-Esq”

I did some research and found there is a photographer that has an entire body of work dedicated to this concept! I was so intrigued!
I cannot read a single thing on their website unless I install a translater plugin. However, I decided I didn’t want to read about their body of work. I simply wanted to experience them and create my own without the influence of their concept.

And I did.

At first, I didn’t like it. Nothing about it moved me. I thought it looked strange and headache-inducing.
I shared it with one of my besties, Kristi. She made some suggestions, so I made a couple of changes and still hated it.

Then like a lightbulb moment, she said “put it in black and white.”


It made a significant difference. It moved me. It was intriguing, exactly what I was after. It was thought-provoking.
It asked all the questions and gave absolutely no answers. I loved it!


A damn legend.

Picasso pioneered the Cubism movement, the style is modern art formed in response to a rapidly changing modern world.

A new way of seeing, a way of straying from traditional artistic techniques. Picasso emphasized the differences between paintings and reality.

Cubism involves different ways of seeing and perceiving the world around us. He felt that we do not see an object from one angle or perspective, but rather from many angles selected from sight and movement. Therefore Cubism became about HOW to see an object or figure rather than WHAT the artist was looking at.


I still don’t know what I feel or think when I look at this image. It is mysterious, but I do like it.

Looking back…

I have a set of images I created back in 2015! ::gasp:: that at the time I wanted to love, but I hated them so much. It was one of the first times that I chose to take a self-portrait with/for a deeper meaning & concept to them. When I created them I was lost, I hadn’t found my ‘voice’ just yet and I was extremely uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in my skin for 1001 reasons. Uncomfortable attempting to be vulnerable. Uncomfortable being in front of the lens. Just plain uncomfortable. Looking at them now, you can SEE all of that!

I could list all the things that changed but we’d be here all day for a couple of weeks. And we already have a general idea of some of the changes anyway.

Since I wasn’t too sure how the Picasso-Esq image was going to turn out, I wanted some backup images. It wasn’t until I was halfway through these that I remembered the 2015 images above! As I was editing them, I sent one to Kristi asking her “Black and White or Color?” to which she replied:

“You look more relaxed and at peace.”
“Oh WOW! .. it’s literally visable.. that’s what blows me away.”

And ya know, I AM! I am much more comfortable and relaxed and at peace.
This was a HUGE and very appreciated compliment. ❤️

❤️ 📸 — CANDACE