2020 PROJECT 52: 23/52

You can either swim or drown, but it is going to keep raining.  — Jessica Katoff

Its been a rough few weeks, as you might have noticed since weeks 19-22 are missing.

Have you ever felt like your drowning and no matter how hard you try you can never seem to reach the surface?

Feeling like nothing makes you happy and nothing makes you sad?

When you look in the mirror there isn’t anything looking back at you?

Fighting to keep my head above water seems to be all my days have consisted of recently and everything is to blame.

I want to run away but can’t because of the pandemic.

I need to create photographs but can’t because I have no motivation.

I’m in a weird place and cannot seem to get out of it.

We are all under enormous amounts of mental stress and confusion, how could we not? The entire world shut down!
The fear is still out there.
The unknown is the scariest part.

Water symbolizes emotions and boy do I have a lot of those. Too many honestly.
Mix water with the three questions above and…

You’ve got a chocolate mess of a person who feels invisible, silenced, overwhelmed, anxious, stuck, too sensitive, empty, emotionless, like a failure, depressed, and exhausted.

So, I can either swim or drown, but it will keep raining.