2020 PROJECT 52: 17/52

Sometimes pictures are created just because, with no actual reason or meaning.

The ability to experiment is a whole new level of excitement!

There is no pressure to nail a concept or ensure all elements within the image assist in the intent.

Of course, I still take the environment into consideration, but very loosely.

I knew I wanted a clean background so I chose an area that was pretty plain and with the ability to remove things in photoshop if I wanted to.

Double exposures were on the list of experimental images again.

But this time, it had to be done IN CAMERA.

I attempted in-camera double exposures years ago and got so frustrated I gave it the silent treatment for a long time and then I cheated by creating them in photoshop by layering two images. I had to finally do them in-camera start to finish with the least amount of cuss words as possible.

I did it!


If you know me at all, this image won’t be the least bit surprising to you. It sums me up pretty accurately.

My attitude always on stand by, waiting to take over.
I don’t know, it just does.